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Master Thesis Mentoring for Master Students - within Supply Chain & Operations Management


Are you a master student within supply chain or operation management? – you now have the chance to get the best-in-class mentors for your master’s thesis!

At A-2, our Management Consultants are ready to help you get top grades, through an intensive mentoring program, where we will be on the side-line through your entire master’s thesis with professional, technical & real-world experience to support your project. We are offering thesis mentoring for young professionals, who are looking for sparring and mentoring for their master thesis project. If you are a master’s student within Supply Chain and/or Operations Management and have a passion for optimizing productions, production planning, value chains, Reliability-centered Maintenance (RCM), processes, etc., now is the chance to get the best-in-class mentors for your project.

What we can offer:

A-2 Management Consulting will allocate two mentors to follow & support your project; a senior consultant who has +5 years of industry experience and a consultant who graduated within the last couple of years. The consultant will be your main contact and will be the one to guide you the most through the project.

To ensure momentum and the most value for you throughout the project, we will set up bi-weekly sessions, ensuring that you are prepared for your meetings with your professor/supervisor and prepare you for your final presentation. Furthermore, we can offer:

  • Industry knowledge within supply chain management, supply chain collaboration, operations management, data analytics, forecasting, resource planning, inventory management, manufacturing, Reliability-centered Maintenance (RCM), LEAN projects, project management and many more.

  • Guidance on analytical approaches.

  • Guidance and second opinions.

  • Skills on how to present key findings.

  • Knowledge about how to link theory and practice.

  • Inputs and guidance on how to set up a thesis report.

We want to help you and your thesis becoming a success and therefore offer extra support in addition to your supervisor. Thus, we will not be a supervisor, but we will be able to help you with industry expert knowledge and expertise as well as linking theory with practice.

Application requirements:

  • You have a project and/or a case yourself, within the field of supply chain or operations management. Please note that we will not provide you with a company or a case.

  • You are a master’s student and among the top of your class.

How to apply:

Send your application to  With the following:

  • Your CV and grades. If you are more than one, please include results for everyone.

  • Short description of yourself

  • Short description of the theme and field of your thesis project, and why you have an interest within this area.

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